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1- 8th International Chess Open Ciudad de Oviedo will be played from 17th to 23rd July 2022. The venue will be University Sports Center, located on Valdés Salas, s/n 33007 Oviedo.

2- The tournament will be played using Swiss Dutch System (FIDE Handbook C.04.3) at nine (9) rounds. A computer program approved by FIDE will be used for the pairings.

3- Results will be submitted for FIDE and FEDA (Spanish Chess Federation) rating calculations, including any norm reports and certificates achieved, in accordance with regulations in force.

4- Rate of play will be 90 min. for the entire game for each player, with an increment of 30 sec. for every move starting from move one (Fischer mode).

5- The entry fee is 40€ for over 18-year old players and 30€ for under 18-year old players. Registration is free for players rated 2400 or above in FIDE standard rating list and titled players. Here, titled players means they hold one of the following over-the-board standard chess titles: GM, IM, WGM or WIM.

All players must meet one of these requirements:

  1. Players registered with FIDE as ESP must hold an official FEDA licence.
  2. Players registered with FIDE under any other national chess federation member of FIDE must have a FIDE ID number (Id Code).

6- Registration deadline is 11PM on 16th July. Late entries will be accepted but then the player will start on round 2.

All registered players must either send an e-mail or WhatsApp attendance confirmation within 48 hours prior to the start of the event or check-in in person at the playing hall on 17th July from 10AM to 1PM.

7- Tournament schedule:

Round 1: Sunday, 17th July 2022, at 5PM

Round 2: Monday, 18th July 2022, at 10AM

Round 3: Monday, 18th July 2022, at 5PM

Round 4: Tuesday, 19th July 2022, at 5PM

Round 5: Wednesday, 20th July 2022, at 10AM

Round 6: Wednesday, 20th July 2022, at 5PM

Round 7: Thursday, 21st July 2022, at 5PM

Round 8: Friday, 22nd July 2022, at 5PM

Round 9: Saturday, 23rd July 2022, at 09:30AM

Closing ceremony will start at 2:00PM on Saturday, 23 July 2022.

8- Defaults: Any player who arrives at the chessboard later than 30 minutes after the start of the session shall lose the game.

Any player who is absent without notifying the arbiter shall be withdrawn unless the absence is explained before the end of the round. Any player who is absent from two rounds , consecutive or not, shall be withdrawn.

9- Mobile phones are allowed in the playing hall as long as they are completely switched off and stored in a bag for the duration of the playing session. Any player who uses or activates (even by accident) such device will immediately lose his or her game.

The use of any other electronic device capable of processing or transmitting chess analysis is strictly forbidden as well, with the exception of such devices that are intended for medical purposes, as long as the player notifies the Arbiter prior to the start of the tournament.

A player may be required to allow an inspection in accordance with article 11.3.3 of FIDE Laws of Chess. An Organizer and a witness chosen by the player will be present. If the player refuses to be inspected, he or she may be expelled from the tournament, at the discretion of the Organizers.

10- Once every playing session is finished, results will be published on the official website and players will have at least 30 minutes to report any mistake.

When the stated period has passed, the pairing for the next round will be published on the official website. For any claim made afterwards, article 8 of FIDE General handling rules for Swiss Tournaments will be applied (FIDE Handbook C.04.2).

11- Any player may ask for 2 half-point byes during the first five rounds. These half-point byes must be requested either upon registration (for round 1) or, in written form, before the end of round 1 (for rounds 2 to 5). Once the request is made, it cannot be withdrawn.

12- There will be an Appeals Committee comprised by the Tournament Director and four players (of whom two will be reserve members), chosen by and among the tournament participants during the first two hours of round 1.

13- To establish interim and final standings, the following tie-break systems will be applied in descending order:

  1. Points.
  2. Median Buchholz (Buchholz reduced by the highest and lowest scores of the opponents).
  3. Buchholz System.
  4. Average Rating of Opponents (ARO).

If, after the application of these systems to determine prize winners, the tie persists, there will be a drawing of lots among the tied players.

For Buchholz calculation purposes, the handling of unplayed games will follow the “virtual opponent” procedure described in the Annex 3 of FIDE Competition Rules (FIDE Handbook, C.05).

14- Tournament prizes are listed here. A player can only get one prize and prizes will not be shared but will be awarded according the tiebreaks.

15- The Organizing Team will be formed by:

Tournament Director Juan Alberto Llaneza Vega.

Chief Arbiter Sergio Arias Torío (FA).

Arbiters -TBA-.

Press officer Víctor Llaneza Vega.

16- All tournament participants, or their guardians (in the case of minors) authorize the publication of their personal data in the different media that the organization consider appropriate for the necessary dissemination of the event (results listings, standings, participants, photographs, videos etc.).

All tournament information will be available on the official website and displayed at the tournament venue.

17- Any issues not covered by these regulations will be covered by FIDE and/or FEDA regulations in force. The organizers are responsible for the application of the corresponding analogies.

The Organizers reserve the right to modify these regulations in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

18- Entry in this competition implies full acceptance of these regulations.