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Wednesday 17th July:

11 AM

Guided walking tour in the Old Town of Oviedo accompanied by a bilingual (Spanish & English) guide.

11 AM

Simultaneous exhibition by GM «Pepe» Cuenca and U12 World Champion WMF Savitha Shri B in the cloister of the Historical Building of the University of Oviedo.

Friday 19th July:

“Chess under David Llada’s lens”

David Llada (b.Oviedo, 1978) has been connected to the chess world for more than 20 years as an instructor, journalist, communicator and photographer. He has published contributions in all the world’s major chess magazines as well as in “El Mundo”, Spain’s second largest newspaper, and “Marca”, leading sports newspaper in Spain. He was recently appointed as FIDE Chief Marketing & Communications Office, working halfway between Moscow and Lausanne.

David Llada has written a biography of Anatoly Karpov and a handbook for parents and teachers to teach chess. His most recent work is “The Thinkers”, a photography book that has been highly praised by Wired or World Photo.

“The Thinkers” is a selection of pictures taken from uncountable tournaments over the last four years. From Sao Paulo to Shaghai, Las Vegas, Delhi, Nairobi, Oslo or Istanbul, this chess globetrotter has captured with his camera the brightest players in the world, but also amateurs and chess fans. His work has been exhibited at the Royal Festival Hall in London and the The Musée de la civilisation  in Quebec.

Lecture: “Chess under David Llada’s lens”

Friday 19th July – Assembly Hall of the University of Oviedo

Does playing chess make us smarter? What is it with this game that has captivated some of the brightest minds in our history for more than a thousand years? What is the right age to teach chess to our kids? Do great champions deserve to be labeled as “genius”, as they frequently are? Why are men and women segregated in chess competitions?

Using his photographies as a unifying thread, David Llada will address these questions in his lecture, which is part of the Ciudad de Oviedo chess festival.

Copies of his book «The Thinkers» will be available for sale at the event. Here you can learn a lot of details about David’s amazing book in a review published by Pablo Argüelles on his Youtube channel «Circulo de Ajedrez Capablanca»: