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Discover Oviedo!

To really know Oviedo you need to walk around the city, to wander through the old town, to hike to the top of Mount Naranco, to visit the Cathedral, to shop in Fontán Market… Here are three plans to visit the capital of Asturias based on length of stay.

Tips to immerse yourself in Oviedo:

Oviedo is a cosy city, easy to visit, tailor-made.

The Asturian capital has a unique Pre-Romanesque heritage, is the origin of the Way of Saint James, its old town is filled with history…

There are thousands of hideouts where you can immerse yourself in Oviedo, but these are a must for a visitor to bring Oviedo back home in your memories.

Oviedo is a city to walk around. Aside from the monuments, museums or sculptures, its business activity makes Oviedo one of the most important shopping destinations in northern Spain .

Uria street is Oviedo’s main artery and also the epicentre of its business activity. Oviedo is also a very attractive destination for foodies.

Our city is a meeting point for traditional and avant-garde cuisine and brings together many culinary benchmarks in Asturias.

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